Vegan brunch in Paris/que faire à Paris: Things to do in Paris

I'll write this article here in English. If you prefer to read it in French, please check this article written by the beautiful food blogger Sophie. (I didn't pay her to write it! She just loved our brunch and it made me happy).

Pour les frenchies,  Sophie  de m'a fait l'honneur d'écrire un article sur notre brunch vegan. Je vous invite à aller le lire sur son blog.

It's been a hot minute since I've posted here and I'm very sorry about it. I love writing on this blog and sharing my travel experiences. I always want it to be a platform for me to share my thoughts and my travel advice so bear with me. I'm a lot more on Instagram by the way. Make sure you follow me.
 I'm growing so much lately and life has been hectic but I'm loving every moment of it.

I thought I would share with you what I've been working on these days and if you are in Paris this summer, I would love to meet you!

Paris is such a beautiful city and if you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for good food, beautiful places and fitness. I wanted to create an incredible event that represents all the things I'm passionate about and I made it happen. My team and I organize vegan outdoor brunch in Paris this summer.
We thought about every details. We wanted the food to be healthy, tasty and colorful.

What to expect:

This Saturday 21st July 2018, we're doing a yoga class prior the brunch at park Monceau. The lesson will be given by Manon from the Parisian Sport Studios Chez Simone . We made a special menu for this event and I'm very excited! Everything is vegan and healthy. You will try our vegan waffles, our granola bars, hummus ... and so much more.

We wanted a very bohemian vibe, so we decided to organize those picnics at Parc Monceau, Paris. It's such a beautiful park and it's probably one of the most romantic places in Paris.

We organize those events every week-end but you have to book online as places are very limited. We want it to be enjoyable for everyone so it can't be crowded.

Come eat with us! You can book your spot here

What do you think ? What is your favorite thing to to do in Paris ? Where do you usually go for brunch ?

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