How to get over the fear of traveling alone/Se débarasser de la peur du voyage solo

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CapeTown, South Africa
If someone ever told me in high school that I would book a flight ticket to a foreign land and travel there by myself, I would not have believed it.
4 years after high school, here I am, booking a flight ticket for my solo trip to Portugal.
What happened between the end of High School and the end of my studies? Well, my mindset and my life goals have changed. 
I "just" wanted to study abroad to speak a better English but moving to Holland to study led me to this wandering lifestyle two years later.

I absolutely love my friends and family, I do love spending time and traveling with them. But, I also enjoy my own company and seeing the world by myself.
For those who would like to go on their first solo trip but are scared, I wrote up this article that I hope, will encourage you to step into greatness and chase your dreams.

1) Get over the clichés :
Paris, France
First of all, traveling alone doesn't mean being courageous. It only means that you prefer to do what makes you happy instead of staying home and complaining because you're bored/unhappy.
Traveling alone doesn't mean that you are a f*cking weirdo with no friends. I've said it already, I love my friends. However, I don't like waiting for ages because they are unsure on whether we will be traveling together. How many times did I cancel a trip because my friends "finally didn't have any money left", "found a job" or "didn't find anyone to stay with the cat" ?! I just decided that such things would not prevent me of traveling anymore.
Also, being with your friends doesn't mean that the trip will be awesome. Some friends can turn out to be the worst travel companion. Trust me.
Another cliché: "I don't like my life and my relatives". I have big news for you, I absolutely love my life and relatives, more than ever. My relatives are even proud of me because I'm building up my own happiness.

2) Try a short getaway alone :

Reus, Spain
If you live in Holland, plan a trip to Brussels or Paris. Both are gorgeous places and are close to home. You can return home in a heartbeat if you really don't enjoy the experience (but you will!).

3) Stay at a backpackers:
Cape Town, South Africa
Traveling alone doesn't mean that you will stay alone during the whole trip. I've been to amazing places and have done some amazing things, but the highlights of my trips were always the people that I met along the road. I met those friends at backpackers, on couchsurfing, during my internships/studies abroad and/or by simply sharing my house.
 It is easier to meet people when you travel on your own than with your squad. All the times where I didn't especially meet anyone where when I was with my friends and it makes sense actually. Why would you go out of your comfort zone when you are with your friends?! You already have someone to talk to, to exchange with and someone to help you out. Whereas when you are alone, you will ask people at your backpackers  if they know where the best place to have gelatos is or if they want to visit a part of the city with you. And bam! You have a new companion now. 
 If you don't like sharing your room, you can also book a private one and meet people in common rooms.

4) Travel to friendly places
I can't think of a better place than Canada when it comes to friendliness and open mindness. I would also recommend the US as Americans easily talk to you (unlike French or German people!)

5) Pick a country where English is largely spoken
Travel where English (or another language that you speak) is largely spoken. For that, I would recommend English speaking countries (hello Captain Obvious) and Scandinavian countries+Holland. 
6) Share your dreams with people that will encourage you


"You don't have friends?!","why are traveling alone?! Ask someone to come with you", "it's dangerous!"...Don't surround yourself with negative people that will take your dreams down! I can assure you that the same people will envy you once you will share pictures of your toes in white-sandy beaches. 
At the end of the day what really matters is how you feel. I don't want to tell myself in 10 years from now that "I wanted to go to Bali but didn't go because no one  wanted to come along". I personally prefer to go alone than not going at all.

Over to you! Have you ever done a solo trip?

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